Review: Infraction (Breach #2) by K.I. Lynn

<a href="Infraction (Breach, #2)Infraction by K.I. Lynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book picks up beautifully from Breach. Nathan and Lila battling with their own ghosts and finding themselves together. Their journey was heartbreaking, painful and how happy I was when dirty mouth Nathan showed up!

 photo cry-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3-1064.gif

 photo tumblr_mibx62cm8y1qjdx3oo2_500.gif

“If you are not ready to move on with Lila, there are plenty of men at would be honoured to have her, and it’s not fair for you to deprive her of the opportunity to have a full and happy life”

“Not going to f**king happen”


Lila and Nathan’s edge of darkness bring them closer and stronger together to face whatever is left! This book is so brilliant and that I have lost for words. One thing for sure, Nathan’s touch is still ooo yeah!!!!!

“Touching yourself in the shower, my horny, dirty girl? Making me so hard I can’t think straight!”

“F**k baby, do you really think I wouldn’t want to f**k my little whore?”

“Don’t tempt me, baby. I will f**k you on this beach if that’s what it takes?

 photo tumblr_mrqqumKktV1qio9b0o1_500.gif

And enjoy Nathan! ❤

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View all my reviews ” title=”Infraction (Breach #2) by K.I. Lynn”>Infraction (Breach #2) by K.I. Lynn


The exciting continuation of Breach!

Waking up in the hospital after a terrible car crash, Lila has a long road of recovery ahead of her. More than just her body, she must recover her heart after an altering declaration by Nathan.

With all that happened between them she must chose to forgive him and take him back, or sever all ties. Nathan has a hard road ahead of him to earn back her trust, and doing so will open her up to the possibility of being hurt again. A possibility Lila doesn’t think she can survive.

The secrets Nathan keeps buried, hidden from the world, of the life he used to lead are revealed. They tell the horror of what caused the scars on his body, mind, and heart.

Can Lila and Nathan push through all of the obstacles in front of them? Will the journey be their healing, or their destruction?


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