Kindle Freebie : Sleeves by Chanse Lowell


Kel isn’t at all the animal locked in a cage that he appears to be. Secrets keep him there, hidden from those who hunt him. But what does a man do when he needs physical contact to survive, but can’t stand the burning pain that comes with another’s touch? He’s found a way to get a small fraction of his needs met at the nightclub, Sleeves. What happens when he lets in an unknown woman with a healing hand? Casey can see past the vulgar mouth to the affection-starved man hiding inside. When she does, all hell breaks loose, and the past finds him. Will he be able to avoid the agency, or will they add Casey to their twisted experiments? She entered the cage with him, and now it seems there’s no way out.

WARNING: crude language, anal sex and intended only for a mature audience 18+ due to graphic love scenes.


3 thoughts on “Kindle Freebie : Sleeves by Chanse Lowell

  1. *waves crazily*
    Hey my lovely. Nice blog… thanks for the freebie. I think I’m gonna spend some time here drooling over the pictures *winks*
    See you on GRs hon x

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