Kindle Freebie : Wicked End (Triple Threat spin off) by Bella Jeanisse


Fair Warning: This an explicit book, with sex acts in almost every chapter. There are things most consider kinky or offensive, as well as multiple partners and male on male action. The language is harsh at times, and the sex is graphic and plentiful. If that is not what you are looking for, this book is not for you.

This is a spin-off of the Triple Threat series.

Brandon plays lead guitar for Wicked End and is on tour most of the year. Mackenzie is a busy professional in Florida. They’ve known each other for most of their lives, but shied away from being more than kinky friends with benefits. Brandon is craving something else. What would his closest friend think of that?

When a storm strands Mackenzie, Brandon comes to her rescue, not knowing his plan (and the lead singer’s demands) would make some of her hidden fantasies come true. She reveals her list of kinky desires and he silently vows to make them all reality.

As they spend more time together than they had in years, stronger feelings develop. Could a long distance relationship really work? Find out if they are willing to risk their favorite bed partner for something more.


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