Kindle Freebie : When You Come To Me by Jade Alyse


Young, sweet and totally southern, Natalie Savannah Chandler embarks upon her freshman year of college with only one thing on her mind: get her degree and become a doctor. Sure it seems simple in the grand scheme of things. After all, she’s got her family supporting her, and family is all that matters. She is ostracized in her dorm for being just a little bit quiet and a little bit conservative. But that doesn’t bother her…initially. Her roommate is loud and wild and white, drinks beer and has sex with her boyfriend. They are polar opposites in every sense of the word. But when Natalie decides to accompany her roommate to a house party off-campus in a cozy house of blue siding, her world is turned upside down the moment that she’s knocked unconscious with a flying beer bottle. Yes, you read that correctly. When she comes to (in more ways than one) she is face to face with Brandon Greene, a preppy, oatmeal-skinned New Yorker, with a loud mouth, a grand smile and an open heart. Brandon makes his intentions clear from the beginning: he is hopelessly in love with his girlfriend, Sophia, but does not want to marry her. He does, however, want to be friends with Natalie.

Neither Brandon nor her curiosity about him make sense to her at all, and her sense of complacency begins to tumble as she and Brandon grow closer. She’s thrust into a love triangle that she wants no part of and suddenly, a streamlined future to success in the medical field is the last thing on her mind — all she sees now is a shade of gray. Brandon and Natalie have a powerful dynamic; but can it stand the weight that time, spatial disparity and color have placed on them? “When You Come to Me” is a sometimes humorous, sometimes dramatic take on the loss of innocence in its most colorful form.


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