ARC Review: Surviving Valentine by Jessica Florence

<a href=”Surviving ValentineSurviving Valentine by Jessica Florence
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book made my heart melt…. awwww a sweet easy read about boy meets girl with a little twist!

Scarlett has a past that made her stronger. She runs self-defence classes for woman.

 photo tumblr_miud93NHDW1qktnjdo1_500.gif

Enter Darien Valentine, a navy seal on his holidays.
“I got a glimpse of a really tight set of abs and V. Oh the V, one of my favourite parts of a man”

 photo d2b57ef108537c1df29fed7762438fe6.jpg

They become attracted to each other and things moves on…..

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“Damn, I have turned into fourteen year old again, where all you have to do is look at a chick and you get a hard on. I am a navy seal for Christ’s sake! Control yourself man”

 photo tumblr_mnd5gaRuP61sp1c8so1_500-1.gif

And this book is steamy!! And Darien is a dirty talker too! Thumbs up too that!

If you are in mood for a sexy easy boy meets girl, pick it up!

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**ARC provided by author**

View all my reviews” title=”ARC Review: Surviving Valentine by Jessica Florence”>ARC Review: Surviving Valentine by Jessica Florence


Beach Eyes: Beautiful gold surrounding the pupils, just like sand at the beach, and then
suddenly BAM! A deep blue like the ocean.

It all started with beach eyes for Scarlet Barnette. After jumping into bed with men without getting to know them first, she has learned it always ends in disaster. So she puts everything she has into running her self defense studio. As Valentine’s Day approaches Scarlet tries to steer clear of men who promise her a good time. Until she meets Darien Valentine and his beach eyes.
Resisting him is going to take every ounce of control she has. Especially when she finds out he is her sexy new neighbor.

Darien Valentine wants Scarlet.
As soon as he saw her, he knew he had to have her.
She says she wants to be friends before lovers. Well Darien is just going to be the best friend she will ever have. Looks like this Navy Seal has his next mission.

Will they be able to resist giving in?
And when Tragedy strikes, will they survive it at all?

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