HAPPY RELEASE DAY : Weighing of the Heart (Of the Heart #1) by Jessica Florence

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What would you do if everything you thought you knew was altered?
For Thalia Alexander that moment was happening.

After her parent’s death two years ago, Thalia decides to move to Boston. She finds the perfect job at the Museum of Fine arts, and the best friend anyone could ask for.

Then on her twenty fifth birthday a sexy, gray eyed man enters her dreams and messes with her peace of mind. But it was just a dream right? Oh yeah, it’s just a dream.

Until he shows up in real life.

Tristan Jacks is straight up gorgeous, sweet, and strangely familiar. Thalia knows she should stay away, she really should, but she can’t. Something inside her calls out to him. It’s like she has found the other half of her soul.

As her strange dreams continue, and her relationship with Tristan intensifies, her whole life is being challenged.

What do these dreams mean? Why does Tristan feel so familiar? Is he who he really says he is?




Jessica Florence makes her home in Southwest Florida where she works as a massage therapist, and of course writing!

I am totally obsessed with reading. Total addiction.

I love all Romance Novels.

I am a sucker for happy endings and Alpha boys.

I love books that make me happy and wanna laugh.

Contact info: JessicaFlorenceAuthor@gmail.com

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