ARC Review: Hard As You Can (Hard Ink #2) by Laura Kaye

<a href=”Hard As You Can (Hard Ink, #2)Hard As You Can by Laura Kaye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well well, Shane ooo Shane, he definitely was another sizzling hot ex-military!!! When this book is out, just grab it! No questions asked!!

Laura Kaye is simply brilliant!!!!!!!

 photo high-.gif

The story continues to fill in the blanks and answers that we need to know from Hard As It Get. The plot is so fresh and it just keep me going. I wanted to know what comes next! Not from one moment, I wanted to part with my Kindle….. that how is interesting this story was.

Laura’s writing was superior and excellent!

 photo BPVUpx6.gif

Shane was a past and trying to find a to redeem it and his answers comes in the form of Crystal. And Crystal is really one tough chick. For all those things she went thru, she is superbly strong!
But things finally become too much, she finally gives in and leans into Shane for help.
The chemistry was amazing! UST was steamy!

 photo large-2.gif

It was heartwarming from Easy to Marz and of course Nick and Becca! Those two are really adorable.

“Like you’re beautiful. And I’m attracted to you.”

“But let me be clear, Crystal. Seeing him all over you like that would do bad things to me even if you wanted his attention. So my intentions here , they’re not all honourable. Because I want you. I want you so bad I can hardly breathe”

“That’s good, darlin’, because you’re stuck with me now”

 photo 688395.gif

My Shane:

 photo 48073d358aa6b754c8237feb39583669.jpg


 photo 4350fcc2d2e24b57ab6b0a9c7852c28d.jpg

Readers, grab this series for a smutty, action filled romance read! Don’t forget Book 1 first! ❤

**ARC provided by publisher**

View all my reviews” title=”ARC Review: Hard As You Can (Hard Ink #2) by Laura Kaye”>ARC Review: Hard As You Can (Hard Ink #2) by Laura Kaye



Five dishonored soldiers.
Former Special Forces.
One last mission.
These are the men of Hard Ink.

Ever since hard-bodied, drop-dead-charming Shane McCallan strolled into the dance club where Crystal Dean works, he’s shown a knack for getting beneath her defenses. For her little sister’s sake, Crystal can’t get too close. Until her job and Shane’s mission intersect, and he reveals talents that go deeper than she could have guessed.

Shane would never turn his back on a friend in need, especially a former Special Forces teammate running a dangerous, off-the-books operation. Nor can he walk away from Crystal. The gorgeous waitress is hiding secrets she doesn’t want him to uncover. Too bad. He’s exactly the man she needs to protect her sister, her life, and her heart. All he has to do is convince her that when something feels this good, you hold on as hard as you can—and never let go.


Review: Euphoria (Book Boyfriend #3) by Erin Noelle

<a href=”Euphoria (Book Boyfriend, #3)Euphoria by Erin Noelle
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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 photo oRLsHXe.gif

After waiting for so long for this book, I felt so sad and annoyed reading it!!!!

 photo tumblr_mublbzzqX51qhub34o2_500.gif

 photo tumblr_migig7muGp1qdx4nao1_250.gif

Scarlett, y? I feel like clawing….. like an angel but you deserve few good slaps!
The book begins with Scarlett visiting Mason in the hospital and leaving Ash behind…..All her actions at times were so stupid and the story keep dragging on. One for sure, those boys were nothing but so sweet, and she doesn’t deserved them!!!!!!!

2 sweets and adorable stars for Ash and Mason!
N don’t get me started on the epilogue….

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View all my reviews” title=”Review: Euphoria (Book Boyfriend #3) by Erin Noelle”>Review: Euphoria (Book Boyfriend #3) by Erin Noelle



After a series of catastrophic misunderstandings and impulsively poor decision-making, Scarlett MacGregor finds herself once again torn between two loves, as different as they may be. Lacking proper closure with their relationship, accompanied by the overwhelming guilt for her role in his devastating downfall, Scarlett resolves to help Mason recover and reclaim his life as a budding rock star. However, now that he has finally claimed her as his, Ash Walker is bound and determined to keep her by his side, and he will go to any lengths necessary to do just that.

Mason Templeton has hit rock bottom. He’s in love with a girl whose heart and soul belong to another and he’s partied his way off of an international music tour that was supposed to be his big break. Returning home for rehab sounds like the worst possible way to start a new year, but when an unexpected friendship emerges, he begins to realize that maybe everything does happen for a reason.

Euphoria is the third and final installment of Scarlett, Ash, and Mason’s self-discovering journeys to happiness and understanding the meaning of true love ~ the kind that begs for complete surrender.

Review: Shattered Ties (Ties #1) by K.A. Robinson

<a href="Shattered Ties (Ties, #1)Shattered Ties by K.A. Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well well well, this book was definitely an easy read as I expected with cliffy!!!!!!! *my head just can’t handle these kind of cliffy where the next book comes after few months —- GOSH NO, hence I made a future note for myself…..I am not gonna pick up any books with cliffy until the next one out**

 photo giphy-6-1.gif

Jesse Daniels
“His eyes were the brightest emerald green, several tattoos covered his arms. A fallen angel and surfer boy all rolled into one look”

 photo tumblr_mc4bfgxigT1r69gbso1_500-1.jpg

Emma Preston
A rich kid whose kind, caring and wants to get away from her mother who is crazy with her social status

 photo SjXvwD0.jpg

What happens when two different world meets together? Explosion!!

 photo 7277808.gif

How will they survive their relationship with her mother and their friends?
Is their love strong enough?

“Are you really going to make me spell it out? You were all wet and shirtless, and I was distracted. Okay? There I said it”

 photo tumblr_mr4wfhOd5m1sau7s7o1_500.gif

“What are you watching?
“Do you want to kiss me, Emma?”
“Then, why are you still so close?”

 photo tumblr_m9zu04aKi71rdzo49o1_500.gif

For a nice, easy, steamy, cliffy read with a hot tattooed boy in it, pick it up!

I really hope the author will release the next one faster instead of next year March 😦

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View all my reviews” title=”Review: Shattered Ties (Ties #1) by K.A. Robinson”>Review: Shattered Ties (Ties #1) by K.A. Robinson


With a former supermodel mother and a rock-and-roll legend father, Emma Preston has the best of everything. Nothing is as perfect as it seems though. After her parents divorce, she’s forced to live with her mother in a private Santa Monica community. Ignoring their parental roles, her mother becomes more focused on climbing the social ladder while her father is off on tour. 

Growing up in a trailer park with his mother, Jesse is used to people looking down on him. When his mother begs him to submit an application for a scholarship to one of Santa Monica’s top private schools, he never expects to actually get it. When he does, he is forced to attend school with a bunch of rich kids. He ignores their stares as they judge him for having tattoos and a less than impressive car. As long as he has his surfboard and the guys at the tattoo shop, he knows he can make it through. 

When Jesse shows up on the first day of school, Emma can’t help but be intrigued. Her mother would never approve of Emma talking to someone so poor, but she doesn’t care because something about Jesse draws her to him. 

Jesse tries to hate Emma, but he discovers that he can’t resist her. Forced to hide their relationship from Emma’s mother and everyone else around them, things start to fall apart. When Jesse’s friend, Ally, decides to interfere, things go from bad to worse. 

Can they survive their first love? Or will they be left with nothing more than shattered ties?

Book 1 of a 2 book series. 

**18+ for sexual situations, cursing, and adult content.***


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Review : A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful #2.5) by Jamie McGuire

<a href="A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful, #2.5)A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


 photo Tangled.gif

“The only thing I’m afraid of is a life without you, Pigeon”

 photo giphy-7.gif

Travis and Abby’s wedding journey was beautifully written! I wish it was a novel instead of novella!


 photo tumblr_masgz7afY11rcd11vo1_500.gif

 photo 741869.gif

Happy reading!

View all my reviews” title=”Review : A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful #2.5) by Jamie McGuire”>Review : A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful #2.5) by Jamie McGuire


You know that Abby Abernathy unexpectedly became Mrs. Maddox. But what do you really know?

Why did Abby pop the question?
What secrets were shared before the ceremony?
Where did they spend their wedding night?
Who else knew about it . . . and didn’t tell?

Everything about Abby and Travis’s elopement was top-secret . . . until now. Fans of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster will get all of their questions answered in this whirlwind tale of the wedding day (and night!)—and as with all good stories, this one will definitely have been worth the wait.

Review: Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika #2) by R.K. Lilley

<a href=”Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika, #2)Rock Bottom by R.K. Lilley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Tristan and Danika kicks off from Bad Things perfectly. After the lost of Jared, they both are battling with their emotions. It made them stronger and closer.

” Want me to pull your hair and give you a rough ride, sweetheart? Fuck the angst out?”
“That man is shameless”

 photo tumblr_m8edybgzi41rs2jpso1_500.gif

Tristan, as usual, still the sexy beast with those delicious bulging and tatted up body. The boys are getting busy with their recording and show, hence he meets Danika in the weekend. They managed it well.
As a couple, there are ups and downs… little little fight with hot make up sex, thumbs up!

 photo tumblr_m4k6nrfBAv1qmsew9o1_500.gif

“It’s just hit me that you’re awfully mine. It makes sense I’d want to test out my property, right?”
“Test your property, huh?”
“Thoroughly testing out my property”
“Test away, I’m all yours. Do your worst”

 photo tumblr_moy27kHmIO1rbvv3ho1_500.gif

Then, these two have a good news to celebrate but the good news is taken away because Danika lost her common sense to think to act quickly. Instead, she decided to wait like a fool for him to return….. I seriously at that point really wanted to kick her for the stupidity.

 photo tumblr_moqs8bFKiw1s9jeaxo1_500.gif

Everything afters that, takes a turn. Tristan losing hope again, Dean being a sod……From 70% it just became double emotional and nerve wrecking!

 photo IshJustGotReal2.gif

 photo tumblr_inline_mpfqeoPhg71qz4rgp.gif

Gosh, the emotions was just too much and finally I broke my heart!!!
Tristan, my darling…..

 photo tumblr_mgxufo5bNV1rnlmxho1_500.gif


 photo Need-a-Drink.gif

Thank you so much R.K. Lilley for that teaser for Lovely Trigger!!!
Please come fast! *counting days*

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View all my reviews” title=”Review: Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika #2) by R.K. Lilley”>Review: Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika #2) by R.K. Lilley



Their love had the power of a runaway freight train, and the potential to be just as destructive.
The tempestuous sequel to Bad Things picks up where the first book left off. Reeling from a profound loss, Tristan and Danika struggle to pick up the pieces and build a life together, but the hard habits of a lifetime are not so easy to escape.
Rock Bottom takes us on a dual point of view journey through addiction and desire, through love and agony, and answers the question we’ve been asking since these characters were introduced in Grounded: “What happened between Tristan and Danika?”

Even love couldn’t cushion a fall like ours. My love for Tristan was so big that I felt consumed by it, and even so, it was not enough to overpower our combined demons.
I struggled. I yelled and screamed. I scratched and kicked.
I fought like hell, but even the most determined fighters have to stop before they break.
No one could say I didn’t fight for him.
“I love you,” I spoke softly into his ear.
He gripped me harder. “I can’t ever lose you, Danika. I’m not sure I’d survive it.”
“You’ve got me. And I’m not going anywhere. Not ever.”
I meant the words when I said them, but life had other plans for us.
I’d have given my life for that fight. In fact, I very nearly did.

She was the one.
If I’d ever had a doubt, I didn’t now. She was the one I’d be thinking about, longing for, until I took my last breath. If I lost her tomorrow, I’d pine for her like a lovesick fool.
This was the kind of love that only hit you once in your life.

This book is intended for readers 18 and up.


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BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Last Hit (Hitman #1) by Jessica Clare , Jen Frederick

<a href=”Last Hit (Hitman, #1)Last Hit by Jessica Clare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Daisy. It is a lovely name”

Daisy is a girl that has been living a hidden life with her dad. The only she gets to move out of her house was for library and groceries. Staying in very secured house, Daisy finally took the courage to run away to experience the life at the age of 21.

Bye bye daddy and hello world….

 photo giphy.gif

Nick Anders aka Nkolai Andrushko, a hot young assassin who was on job and falls with in love with Daisy. he monitors her from distance and tries to keep her safe.

 photo giphy-6.gif

What happens when these two world collide?

 photo lasthitdreamcast.jpg

” I am greedy man, Daisy. I want more from you than just a few words. I want all of your attention. When you think of me, you text me. I don’t want you to hunt for short words because is easier to type. I want everything from you have to say. This makes it easier”

 photo lasthitteaserpic1.jpg

Take me in your mouth, Daisy, Like you will pull me into your throat”

 photo lasthitteaderpic2.jpg

 photo tumblr_mmp7hzalsT1s07nu0o1_500.gif

Everything you need is in this book from action, romance to wee bit angst!
It was a wonderful nice read for me…..So hope you will enjoy it too!!

 photo tumblr_m8o1e3qKqd1ql5yr7o1_500.gif

**ARC provided for book blog tour**

View all my reviews” title=”BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Last Hit (Hitman #1) by Jessica Clare , Jen Frederick “>BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Last Hit (Hitman #1) by Jessica Clare , Jen Frederick



I have been a contract killer since I was a boy. For years I savored the fear caused by my name, the trembling at the sight of my tattoos. The stars on my knees, the marks on my fingers, the dagger in my neck, all bespoke of danger. If you saw my eyes, it was the last vision you’d have. I have ever been the hunter, never the prey. With her, I am the mark and I am ready to lie down and let her capture me. Opening my small scarred heart to her brings out my enemies. I will carry out one last hit, but if they hurt her, I will bring the world down around their ears.


I’ve been sheltered from the outside world all my life. Homeschooled and farm-raised, I’m so naive that my best friend calls me Pollyanna. I like to believe the best in people. Nikolai is part of this new life, and he’s terrifying to me. Not because his eyes are cold or my friend warns me away from him, but because he’s the only man that has ever seen the real me beneath the awkwardness. With him, my heart is at risk..and also, my life.

Mini Excerpt:

I watch her through my bathroom window. I’ve placed one of my four rented chairs in here for that express purpose. I tell myself it is not creepy, as the American girls would say, because I watch everyone. But really I watch only her.

I cannot see everything. I’ve never seen her nude. I’ve never seen inside her shower. Smartly there is no window there. But I can see her bedroom and her living room and beyond that, with my scope, her kitchen. I know her schedule. When she gets up in the morning, when she returns to her apartment. If she were a mark, I could’ve killed her a dozen times over by now and been in the wind.

She throws her bag onto her bed and then lies down next to it. It takes many muscles to smile, more to frown but only a few to pull the trigger. I peer down the scope and place my crosshairs over her forehead. Puff, dead.

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$100 GC 

Signed set of Jessica Clare BlueBonnet series published by Berkley.

The Care and Feeding of the Alpha Male
The Girl’s Guide to Manhunting
The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild

Signed set of Woodlands books with dog tag set.
Signed copy of last Hit.

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Review: Sempre (Forever Series #1) by J.M. Darhower

<a href=”Sempre (Forever, #1)Sempre by J.M. Darhower
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Tesoro’s kinda like sweetheart, but it means treasure….. which, right now, you literally are”

 photo giphy-3.gif

Haven meets Carmine in a unexpected way and they both fall in love…. but can it just be so simple as that for them?
Definitely not.

Haven, a girl who struggles throughout her daily life until one day….. she feels like a free woman!

 photo 9234548c3815924277c41dbcc3e880b4.jpg

 photo giphy-2-1.gif

Meanwhile, Carmine has his own ghosts…..Losing his mama meant he lost himself, then came Haven!

 photo 2138a7d62c36cb9ffc2f7fce257646bf.jpg

” I’m taking about the boy who shared his chocolate bar with me when he probably never shared anything before, who gave me his mama’s favourite book because he thought i deserved to read. I’m talking about the boy who treats me like a regular girl, the one who desperately needs his bedroom cleaned and laundry washed but chooses to live in a mess and wear dirty clothes because he’s too polite to ask the girl he kisses for help”

 photo giphy-4.gif

Carmine, is my one of favourite book boyfriend. This new version Sempre become sexier definitely…. but there is something in the original version that I love more.

SEMPRE is one my favourite book which is gull of mystery, love and action. If you have meet Carmine, hope you meet him soon!

“I love you”
“And I love you”
“Always and Forever”

 photo giphy-5.gif

**BR with gorgeous Jessica**

View all my reviews” title=”Review: Sempre (Forever Series #1) by J.M. Darhower”>Review: Sempre (Forever Series #1) by J.M. Darhower


Haven Antonelli and Carmine DeMarco had vastly different childhoods. Haven, a second-generation slave, grew up isolated in the middle of the desert, her days full of hard work and terrifying abuse. Carmine, born into a wealthy Mafia family, lived a life of privilege, never having to answer for anything he did.

Both now seventeen, a twist of fate causes their worlds to collide, making them question everything they ever believed. Entangled in a web of secrets and lies, they learn that while different on the surface, they have more in common than anyone would think.

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